Painting & Decorating Service With Attention to Detail

When you’re in need of painting, leave the hard work to the detail-oriented team at Paint Spec.

Whether it’s for a new construction or you need to update your existing, you can count on us for that new home look on all work done.

Let us help you make the decision on the best paints and colors that will compliment your home. To provide you with the best possible services, we use quality painting materials.

  • A quality paint job involves more than just slapping some paint on a brush or roller and then on the wall. There are many skills, tricks, and techniques used by professionals that result in a higher quality paint job.
  • When you hire a professional painter, you receive years of experience and knowledge. They will understand the pitfalls to avoid, and what will work for the desired you look you want.
  • Many people are unaware of the importance of surface preparation. Not only does it provide a superior look to the finished project, but it can help with paint failure. Preparation can include washing walls, sanding, filling cracks and holes, and more. All important to the finished look and quality.